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How to handle your notice period 
How to handle your notice period 
Leaving a job on a positive note is essential.  Here are my top tips on how this can be achieved. (more…)...
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8 Steps to Redundancy
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Smoothing the Redundancy Roller Coaster
Smoothing the Redundancy Roller Coaster
Experiencing redundancy can be energising for some, especially if it's viewed as an opportunity to try out new opportuni...
How to Craft Your Career
How to Craft Your Career
A recent report found that 33% of UK employees believe their career progression has failed to meet their expectations.  
What’s your True Calling?
What’s your True Calling?
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Feel Like an Impostor at Work?
Feel Like an Impostor at Work?
If you've ever felt like you're just about to be 'found out' for not really being that great at what you do, you're not


“Suzy was extremely effective in helping me to understand what I was looking for in my next role, preparing for interviews, and negotiating offers. I found Suzy’s coaching extremely supportive. I now have a toolkit of resources to use and have done so to successfully apply and interview for a new role”

-Clare H

“Suzy acted both as support and mentor in making me ask questions of myself which teased out what really motivated me. She has a number of tools which she utilises, but for me the 1 to 1 sessions proved most beneficial. Suzy has personal experience of working in both public and private sectors and the nature of the work she does, means she has insights into many organisations, which help her clients frame their transition plans. Highly recommended.”

-Andrew M

“I was introduced to Suzy a year ago at a time of huge change in my life. Being nervous of taking a large step into the unknown meant that I needed a neutral, considered and positive support process. Suzy displayed a large range of tools and discussion points, without pushing me in a certain direction, was discreetly getting me to ask (and answer!) questions of myself. She clearly follows different paths for each and every client and I was treated very much as an individual, not a number”

-James O

“Suzy has a very professional, friendly and calm approach that really puts you at ease. She was really supportive in helping me identify my next career move after redundancy. Suzy was absolutely brilliant in helping me update my CV and put together a cover letter, giving me advice on how to complete online application forms and writing my SOAR statement. Thanks to Suzy’s fantastic efforts and support with my interview preparation, I secured a job after my first interview! Really can’t thank her enough, she’s amazing”

-Helen B