Coaching is an effective way of helping staff to meet career goals, enjoy work more, and improve performance. 

Executive coaching is a collaborative, one-on-one, individually-tailored process designed to help with rapid leadership development. It focuses on the attainment of individual goals, thereby helping to improve performance, behaviour and employee engagement.

Why do employers use it?

What motivates employers to commission executive coaching? Some common reasons include:

tickto support managers on appointment, promotion or when facing redundancy

tickas part of an accelerated development scheme

tickto support the effective implementation of organisational change

tickto support managers engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes

tickas a critical friend or impartial sounding board to a senior manager

tickas a means of rewarding and retaining key staff

tickas an opportunity for managers to discuss confidential issues on a one-to-one basis without the public gaze entailed in some other training environments

tickas a more flexible alternative to attendance on whole-day training courses.

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